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Ownership of the portal

BINTER CANARIAS S.A., hereinafter BINTER CANARIAS, with registered address at C/ Ignacio Ellacuría Beascoechea, 2, 35214, Telde, Las Palmas, and with tax registration number(CIF) A-38666897, and entered in the Las Palmas' Business Register on folio 21, volume 1671, section 8, sheet GC31164, is the owner of the URL addresses, and, as stated in the note in the margin of entry number 42, on folio 121 of volume 939 General, sheet GC 4948.

General conditions for using the web site

The terms and conditions stated below regulate access to, and use of, the website, and (hereinafter, BINTERCANARIAS WEBSITE), property of BINTER CANARIAS, S.A. with registered offices at the Airport of Gran Canaria, Telde, whose finality is the internal and external entry portal of BINTER CANARIAS, and provides the users with information and content via Web.

The user is obliged to make adequate use of the content and services which BINTER CANARIAS offers through the BINTERCANARIAS website.

BINTER CANARIAS may establish Particular Conditions for the use of certain contents and services, which will be known and accepted by the user before they are used. These particular conditions may replace, wholly or partially, complete and/or modify the contents of these General Conditions. It is understood that the user fully accepts the Particular Conditions by the mere fact of accessing or using the contents or services regulated by said Particular Conditions. In the case of a contradiction between the terms and conditions expressed in the General Conditions and the Particular Conditions, the latter will always prevail for incompatible terms and only for those services and/or contents that are subject to that specific regulation.

BINTER CANARIAS will adopt all the measures within its reach in order to impede any type of conduct contrary to Spanish Laws and will cooperate with the competent Authorities in the identification of the persons responsible for the actions which might entail infringements of the laws applicable to the BINTERCANARIAS website.

A person becomes a user by accessing the BINTERCANARIAS website from any type of device. The user shall use the services and contents thereof exclusively for private purposes and/or as a client of BINTER CANARIAS, excluding any form of later use of said services and contents for profit making or to gain any direct or indirect benefit.

Should the user decide not to accept these General Conditions, the Particular Conditions that may be applicable or whatever new conditions may, in the future, replace the current ones, the user should abstain from accessing the BINTERCANARIAS website.

We do our reasonable utmost to keep the website updated and in a good functioning state. However, new are not responsible for nor do we guarantee that access to the website is infallible, continuous or free from deficiencies; neither can we guarantee that the content you can access through the website is free from harmful elements, viruses, breakdowns, omissions, disconnections or other elements which may cause damage. We will not be responsible for the damage of any kind or nature derived from the use of the website, including but not limited to those caused to the computer systems, devices, or those caused by misuse of the website, interruptions or defects in the transmission of data though the Internet or those caused by third parties through illegitimate action beyond our control.

Object of the web site

By accessing the BINTERCANARIAS website, users may enjoy the use of different contents and services that will be offered either by BINTER CANARIAS or by third party suppliers in the conditions determined for them.

In general, the services and contents offered on the web BINTERCANARIAS website will be available in Spanish, English and French, notwithstanding the possibility, at the discretion of BINTER CANARIAS, of providing access to these in the other official regional languages of Spain, as well as in other languages of the European Union, other than those mentioned above.

BINTER CANARIAS reserves the right to maintain, exclude or modify the contents and services provided on the website, without prior notice to users, notwithstanding the contents of the Particular Conditions that may regulate the use of a given service and/or contents intended for clients of BINTER CANARIAS. Access to the site is free of charge, without the need for prior authorisation, subscription or registration, except for the specific services and contents intended for clients of BINTER CANARIAS in which these requirements may be determined in these General Conditions or in their Particular Conditions.

Nevertheless, BINTER CANARIAS may require users who are not clients of this company to make a financial contribution for access to, and use of certain content and/or services. These services and contents would be subject to regulation by the relevant Particular Conditions, of which the user would receive prior notice. The user will be understood to fully accept the Particular Conditions solely by accessing and using the contents or services regulated by the Particular Conditions.

BINTER CANARIAS may unilaterally and without prior notice, modify the provision, configuration and contents of the BINTERCANARIAS website, the conditions under which it may be used and access to the services provided, notwithstanding what is stated in whatever Particular Conditions may regulate the use of a given service and/or contents intended for the clients of BINTER CANARIAS.

User rights and liabilities

By the mere fact of accessing the site, the user, as final receiver of the services and contents, undertakes to comply with and respect the following obligations, rights and prohibitions.

Rights and liabilities:

The user may and, if such is the case, will be obliged to:

• Access the available content and services of the site, free of charge and without prior authorisation, notwithstanding the technical or particular conditions, or the need for prior registration concerning specific services and contents intended for the clients of BINTER CANARIAS as determined by these General Conditions or by the Particular Conditions governing said services.

• Use the available services and contents for his/her own exclusive private use, notwithstanding the contents of whatever Particular Conditions may regulate the use of a given service and/or content intended for the clients of BINTER CANARIAS. The user may download a single copy of the website for viewing off-line, for personal and not commercial reasons. Make suitable and lawful use of the site, in accordance with the legislation in force, ethics, morals and public order.

• Inform BINTER CANARIAS of any action or contents that may be illegal or against fundamental public rights and liberties of the user, of BINTER CANARIAS, of third parties, or which could damage the operation of the site, its users and clients, by e-mail to the following address:

• Not access or use services and contents of the site for illicit purposes or for purposes that may violate the rights and liberties of third persons, or which may prejudice, harm or prevent in any way access to said contents and services, in detriment to BINTER CANARIAS or to third parties.

• Refrain from using the services, totally or in part, to promote, sell, contract or disseminate personal or third party publicity or information without the prior consent of BINTER CANARIAS.

• Site users will be personally liable for damage or harm of any kind caused to BINTER CANARIAS, directly or indirectly, arising out of the non-compliance with any of the obligations of these General Conditions or other regulations that may govern the use of the site.


Under no circumstances may the user:

• Carry out any action that may entail copying, reproducing, distributing, publicly communicating, transforming, or any other similar action that involves modifying or altering all or part of the contents of the website without the prior written consent of BINTERCANARIAS or of the third party that is the owner of the intellectual and industrial property rights of those contents.

• Include meta tags for brands, trade names or logos that are the property of BINTER CANARIAS in websites of their property or for which they are responsible.

• Reproduce, wholly or in part, the BINTERCANARIAS website in any other website or page, nor create links from the BINTERCANARIAS website or the web pages that are accessible through this site that hide or modify –including but not limited to these actions– contents, advertising spaces and brands of BINTER CANARIAS or of third parties, regardless of whether or not they represent acts of unfair competition or confusion.

• Create frames in a website of their property, or for which they are responsible, that reproduce the home page and/or other pages accessible through it, from the BINTERCANARIAS website, without the prior consent of BINTER CANARIAS.

• Use the services and contents offered on the BINTERCANARIAS website in any way that is contrary to the conditions of use and which may prejudice or impair the rights of other users, especially those of the clients of BINTER CANARIAS.

• Carry out any action that may prevent or impair access to the site by users, especially by clients of BINTER CANARIAS, or to the hyperlinks to the services and contents of third parties offered on the BINTERCANARIAS website.

• Use any kind of computer virus, code, software, computer or telecommunications programme or equipment that could provoke damage or unauthorised alterations to the contents, programmes or systems that are accessible through the services provided on the site, or to users of this, or unauthorised access to any contents and/or services on the website.

• Use the brand, trade name or any other kind of identifying sign that is subject to intellectual or industrial property rights, without the prior consent of its owner in writing.

• Suppress or modify in any way the symbols that BINTER CANARIAS or legitimate third party owners of rights may incorporate in their creations that are subject to intellectual or industrial property ownership.

• Eliminate or modify in any way the technical protection or identification devices of BINTER CANARIAS or their legitimate owners that may have the contents hosted on the website.

• Introduce contents or information that may prejudice fundamental rights and public liberties, incite or promote the realisation of criminal, xenophobic, terrorist or degrading actions for reasons of sex, religion, age or creed, especially in chat rooms or discussion groups that currently exist on the site, or which may exist in the future, nor disseminate pornographic, obscene or violent contents or services, or any which may be against law, morals or ethics.

• Collect electronic addresses and/or personal data in existing public areas of the BINTERCANARIAS website or those that may exist in the future, especially in existing chat rooms or discussion groups on the website, without the knowledge of their legitimate owners, for advertising purposes, for market research or any other commercial purpose.

• Use the site as a means of access to the Internet to commit illicit actions, or actions that are contrary to the legislation in force, the morals, ethics and public order.

Rights and liabilities of BINTER CANARIAS

BINTER CANARIAS reserves the following rights:

• To modify the technical and other conditions of access to the site, unilaterally and without prior notice to users, notwithstanding the contents of the Particular Conditions that may regulate the use of a given service and/or content intended for the clients of BINTER CANARIAS.

• To establish particular conditions and, where applicable, the demand for a payment or other requirements for accessing certain services and/or contents.

• To limit, exclude or place conditions on user access in circumstances under which there are not any full guarantees of a correct use of the site by users, in accordance with the obligations and prohibitions accepted by them.

• To exclude certain contents, including messages introduced by clients in the website forums, from the website when BINTER CANARIAS is effectively aware that the content stored is illicit or that it harms the assets or rights of a third party that may claim indemnity. In this case, BINTER CANARIAS will act diligently to withdraw the aforementioned contents or render access to them impossible.

• To terminate the provision of a service or the supply of content, without being liable for indemnity, when the said content or service is illicit or contrary to the conditions established for it, notwithstanding what is stated in the Particular Conditions that may regulate the use of a given service and/or contents intended for the clients of BINTER CANARIAS.

• To modify, suppress or update all or part of the contents or services offered over the site, without having to give notice and notwithstanding what is stated in the Particular Conditions that may regulate the use of a given service and/or content intended for the clients of BINTER CANARIAS.

• To take any legal or judicial action that may be deemed advisable for protecting the rights of BINTER CANARIAS and of third parties which provide their services or content over the site, provided that this is fitting.

• To claim any compensation that may arise from undue or illicit use of all or part of the services and contents provided through the site.

Exemption and limitation of liability

BINTER CANARIAS is exempt from any form of liability for damages of any kind in the following cases:

• Due to the impossibility or difficulties in connecting to the communications network through which this website is accessible, regardless of the kind of connection used by the user.

• Due to the interruption, suspension or cancellation of access to the website, or due to availability or continuity of the functioning of the web and the services and/or contents of it, when this is due to a cause that is beyond the control of said website, whether or not this comes directly or indirectly from it. The company will accept no liability for complaints made concerning the impossibility or deficiency in the use of the site services in the terms established, notwithstanding what is stated in the Particular Conditions that may regulate the use of certain services and/or contents intended for clients of BINTER CANARIAS.

• BINTER CANARIAS accepts no liability for the availability or technical and other conditions of access to the services and contents that may be offered by third party suppliers of services, especially concerning suppliers of information society services.• BINTER CANARIAS accepts no liability for the availability or technical and other conditions of access to the services and contents that may be offered by third party suppliers of services, especially concerning suppliers of information society services.

• BINTER CANARIAS accepts no liability for the accuracy, reliability or justness of the information contained in, and/or offered by the website, or how appropriate said information may be for any given purpose, or of the services and/or contents therein, notwithstanding whatever is stated in any Particular Conditions that may regulate the use of any given service and/or contents intended for the clients of BINTER CANARIAS.

• BINTER CANARIAS, at no time, accepts liability for the existing links to third party websites in the website of BINTER CANARIAS and, therefore, no claim for liability can be brought against BINTER CANARIAS with respect to whatever information or contents may be, among other actions, communicated, hosted, transmitted or exhibited through the contents of said third party websites.

• BINTER CANARIAS accepts or will accept no liability for the services provided by third parties not connected with BINTER CANARIAS –including providers of information society services– through or by way of a website or page that can be accessed via a link from the website of BINTER CANARIAS.

• BINTER CANARIAS accepts no liability for the information, content, products and services offered by third parties not connected with BINTER CANARIAS, including providers of information society services, outside the BINTER CANARIAS website.

• BINTER CANARIAS will not be liable for any delay or failure that may occur in access to, or functioning of, the services and/or contents of the website that are due to a case of force majeure. “Force majeure” will mean all those cases that could not have been foreseen, or which, although foreseeable, were inevitable, and which lead to non-compliance with obligations. These include, but are not exclusively limited to, strikes, either of BINTER CANARIAS staff or others, insurrections or uprisings and any regulations or laws dictated by any civilian or military authority, natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, lightning or fires, wars, lockouts or any other situation of force majeure.

• BINTER CANARIAS accepts no liability for the opinions expressed, or for the messages introduced, by users and/or clients in the chat rooms or discussion groups on the website, or those that can be accessed through the website.

Information on the ticket booking and sales service

Notwithstanding the above, it is hereby stated that the air transport ticket booking and sales service of Binter Canarias, S.A. which can be accessed through,, and is provided by the commercial body Operaciones Turísticas CanariasViaja S.A (OTCV), the address of which is Calle El Pilar 28 –Local A- Entresuelo, 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife and with Tax Identification Code A38876454, listed in the Commercial Registry of Santa de Cruz de Tenerife, Volume 2880, Folio 139, Section 8, Sheet TF-40611 Entry 1.

OTCV is a travel agency with Wholesale/Retail Group licence registration number IC 94, granted and supervised by the General Directorate of the Government of the Canary Islands competent in the area of tourism-related affairs.

Use and custody of access codes

Whatever access codes –user name and password– which, where applicable, BINTER CANARIAS may make available to website users and/or clients of BINTER CANARIAS for accessing and/or using a given service or content of the website, are confidential, secret, personal and not transferable for accessing and/or using the aforesaid service or content.

Any service or content which might require user validation with access codes for their access or use may be blocked by BINTER CANARIAS if successive errors are made entering the code. Nevertheless, BINTER CANARIAS may vary this number of errors after first informing users of the change. The block will only be lifted once BINTER CANARIAS has satisfactorily checked the identity of the user. Having lifted the block, new codes will be issued and delivered.

Users are responsible for the confidentiality of their access codes and these should never be given to third parties under any circumstances, nor should users facilitate their disclosure by recording them on any kind of storage system.

Should access codes become known, either by chance or fraudulently, to unauthorised third parties, or should any other kind of incident that could in any way compromise the confidentiality of said codes occur, BINTER CANARIAS will be informed immediately by telephone, conventional mail or by email.

Intellectual and industrial property

Copyright, the right of exploitation, and all the intellectual and industrial property rights, in relation to, and and to the content, functionality and images, regardless of their nature and format, documents and other elements are the property of BINTER CANARIAS or of third parties which have granted exclusive authorization to BINTER CANARIAS for their use and/or reproduction, distribution, transformation and public communication. At no time must it be interpreted that placing this content at the disposal of the User can be considered as the transfer or assignment of Intellectual and Industrial Property Right, which will continue to be the exclusive property of their legitimate authors.

The user is aware that the contents and services offered through the website, including all the comments, exhibitions and html code –not limited to these– are protected by intellectual property laws. The copyright and the rights of exploitation of this website are financially the property of BINTER CANARIAS.

No part of this website may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or communicated publicly, wholly or in part, using any kind of system or method, electronic or mechanical (including photocopying, recording or any kind of information retrieval and storage system) without the consent of BINTER CANARIAS. The transformation, interpretation or artistic execution fixed on any kind of support, or communicated through any medium, of all or part of the said website is also prohibited without the corresponding authorisation from BINTER CANARIAS.

The use, in any way or form, of all or part of the content of the site is subject to the need to apply for prior authorisation from BINTER CANARIAS and the acceptance of the corresponding license, except for cases concerning the recognised rights of the user granted in these General Conditions, or those that may be established in any Particular Conditions that BINTER CANARIAS may establish to regulate the use of a certain service and/or content offered over the website.

If a culpable or negligent action or omission, directly or indirectly attributable to the website user and/or BINTER CANARIAS associate, which gives rise to a violation of the intellectual and industrial property rights of BINTER CANARIAS, or of third parties –whether or not they benefit from this action– should cause damage, losses, joint obligations, expenses of any kind, sanctions, coercive measures, fines and other financial sums arising or deriving from any claim, suit, action or proceedings, be they civil, penal or administrative, to BINTER CANARIAS, this airline company will be entitled to take all and any kind of legal action against the user and/or associate and to claim any indemnity –including, but not exclusively limited to– that for moral damage, damage to its image, indirect damage, loss of earnings, advertising costs or costs of any other kind that may arise from the repair of said damages, the cost of any sanctions or condemnatory sentences, interests on arrears, the cost of financing any sums arising for the other party, legal costs and the cost of legal defence in any process that may arise due to the aforementioned causes due damages caused by their action or omission, notwithstanding any other actions BINTER CANARIAS may be entitled to take.

Privacy policy

Organisation responsible for processing

The organisation responsible for the processing of the personal data to which this Privacy and Protection of Personal data policy refers is BINTER CANARIAS S.A. (BINTER), with tax code A38666897, registered in the Companies Register of Las Palmas on sheet 214, volume 1671, section 8, page GC31164 and with its address for the purposes of this policy at C/ Ignacio Ellacuría Beascoechea 2, Parque Empresarial Melenara, 35214 Telde, Gran Canaria, Spain.

The service for the reservation and sale of air transport tickets through the Web sites, and the BINTER mobile application is provided by the mercantile organisation Operaciones Turísticas Canarias Viaja S.A (OTCV) with tax code A38876454 and its address in Calle El Pilar 28 – Local A - Entresuelo, 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. For this, with regard to the personal data associated with the reservation and purchase of tickets on the above mentioned Web sites, both BINTER and OTCV will be responsible for the processing. You can consult the privacy policy of OTCV at

For reservations made through travel agents, providers of reservations systems or on flights of other airlines, the travel agency, the provider of the reservations system or the other company will also be responsible for the processing of your data. You can find further information on the relevant Web sites or at

When the contracted services are provided by third parties such as, for example, car rental services, insurance or hotel reservation services, these third parties will be responsible for the processing, therefore applying their own privacy conditions and policies.

Collection of personal data

We collect personal data when you contract and use our services, browse our Web sites, use our mobile application or communicate with us to, for example, give us your requests, complaints or suggestions.

When you use our Web sites you will be informed which of the data requested are obligatory and which are voluntary for the correct provision of the service. Obligatory data not filled in or filled in incompletely or falsely may prevent the correct provision of the service.

When you enter any of our Web sites, information on the browsing will be collected, such as the IP address, browser version, operating system and the time spent anonymously on the site. This information is associated with your data when you accept conditions or contract services.

Purposes and legal basis of the processing

PurposeLegal basis
Management and processing of travel reservations, to provide the services contracted by the interested party and to ensure that they are provided suitably.

Care of unaccompanied minors and passengers with special needs.

Manage the check-in and boarding processes and ground assistant for passengers.

Provide the interested party with relevant information on the contracted services for their undertaking (such as, for example, changes, cancellations, delays or incidents).

Undertake procedures with third parties required for the fulfilment of the contract.

Management of payments.

Customer service. Manage requests for information, complaints and claims relating to the contracted services.
Contractual relationship
Complying with the legal obligations imposed on airlines by the authorities.

Management of immigration and Customs formalities.

Management of admission in international destinations. Management of passengers not admitted or deported.

Airport security.

Management of subsidies to passengers such as, for example, the subsidies for residence or large families.

Communication, management and coordination with the authorities in situations of emergency, catastrophise or force majeure.
Legal obligations
Participation in the BinterMás loyalty programme including:

  (I) Handling your application for participation in the “BinterMás” programme.

  (II) Management of any activity relating to the programme’s own ends as well as the integral management of the contractual relationship arising from your condition as member of the programme and holder of the BinterMás card.

  (III) Preparation of studies and analysis for the implementation of improvements and extensions of the benefits of the BinterMás programme.

  (IV) The periodic sending of information relating to the use of the BinterMás card, promotions, benefits and attentions that apply at any time in BINTER and in the participating companies or any other that offers special conditions for members of the programme, both by e-mail, conventional mail, SMS or any other communication system. All information will be sent by any of the means indicated by the member in the application to join the programme.

  (V) Use the history data to contribute to the purposes of the development, improvement, control and management of the contractual relationship and of the BinterMás programme.

Management of the requests for services provided by third parties such as, for example, car rental, offered in the BINTER sales channels and the communication of your data to the third party providing the service.

Periodic sending by e-mail of news, offers of flights, information on new routes, competitions and other promotions with the subscription to the Newsletter service.

Management of participation in promotions.

Personnel recruitment purposes. Management of CVs received.
Consent of the interested party
Direct marketing. Sending of commercial communications on the services offered by BINTER, promotions and offers, news relating to the company.

Undertaking of market analysis and studies.

Management of participation in promotions, draws and competitions.
Legitimate interest for the development of the business

Recipients of your data

The data on the acquisition and purchase of tickets may be communicated to third part companies that provide payment services (among others, banks, savings banks, rural banks, issuers or handlers of cards or means of payment) for verification by those providers of operations undertaken in the acquisition of tickets. This communication is undertaken in virtue of the relations agreed between the acquirer and the issue of the means of payment as well as for the management of payments.

When you contract services provided by third party companies through BINTER, such as, for example, other airlines, car rental companies or insurance companies, the minimum data required to complete the contracting of the service requested by you will be communicated to the third party company.

If you participate in the BinterMás programme, your data may be given to the companies in the Sistema Binter, through any company that is a subsidiary of or participated in by BINTER, companies participating in or associated with the BinterMás programme, reservation systems and consultancies, marketing or logistics organisations, as long as this granting or communication is necessary to offer members the services of the programme itself and others that are specifically requested by the members at any time, the assignees always being obliged to maintain the strictest confidentiality of these data and to comply with the data protection legislation.

When you contract a reservation to fly to international destinations, your personal data may be sent to countries outside the European Economic Space to be able to provide you with the requested services and to comply with the obligations arising from the transport contract. Specifically, your data may be communicated to the immigration and Customs control authorities of other countries outside the EU and to companies that provide the required services to complete the transport.

Likewise, and in order to comply with the Organic Law 1/2020, we inform you that in the reservations of flights entering or leaving Spanish territory, or in extraordinary cases and with the prior approval of the Council of Ministers in national flights, which do not make stopovers in any other State, your personal data included in the PNR (Passenger Name Record) will be transmitted to the Passenger Information Unit, who as the Controller, from the moment of receipt, will process them for the purposes of prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of terrorist offences and other serious crimes specifically defined in the aforementioned regulations. For all questions relating to the processing of your PNR data you may contact the Data Protection Officer of the aforementioned Unit.

You can consult the companies that form the Sistema Binter at:

Conservation criteria

The criteria for the conservation of personal data are:

(I) While necessary to achieve the purpose of processing.

(II) There is a legal obligation of conservation.

(III) The duration of the contractual relationship.

(IV) To attend to the responsibilities arising from a contractual relationship or from the processing.

(V) Request for suppression by the interested party for whatever reason.

Your rights

You may request your unsubscription from the sending of electronic communications by BINTER by e-mail to with the subject "Unsubscription of communications" and giving your personal data in the message body.

At any time you can know which data about you have been collected and processed by BINTER, correct the information that is inexact, cancel those data or oppose their processing, this last right being limited to cases in which your consent is not necessary for processing your data, as long as the law does not forbid it, and when there are well-founded and legitimate grounds relating to a particular personal situation or when the processing of your personal data is carried out for advertising and commercial prospection purposes.

Users have the right to request BINTER to limit the processing of their personal data when they comply with the legal requirements. Users have the right to receive the personal data involved in a structured format of common use and mechanical reading and that have been provided to BINTER or request BINTER that they be sent directly to another responsible organisation when technically possible.

Finally, you are informed that any interested party may present a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (, especially when no satisfaction has been obtained in the exercising of your rights.

These rights may be exercised with a written communication, attaching a copy of your identity document, passport or other legally valid means that accredit the identity of the interested party, sent to our Data Protection Delegate by any of the following means:

• Post:

BINTER Canarias
Data Protection Delegate
C/ Ignacio Ellacuría Beascoechea, 2 - Parque Empresarial Melenara
35214 Telde, Gran Canaria

• E-mail:

To guarantee that your request can be handled suitably, we need you to provide the following information with it:

• Name and surname(s).
• Identity document (national identity card, foreigners identity card or passport.
• At least one form of contract (e-mail, telephone, postal address).
• Purpose of the request.
• Copy of an identity document or passport to be able to check your identity.

The exercising of these rights is very personal so that only the interested party may exercise them with respect to the personal data of which he/she is the owner. However, when admitted, the authorised representative of the interested party may exercise the rights on his/her behalf in the above terms, as long as the communication is accompanied with the document accrediting this representation.

Data Protection Delegate

For any doubts, recommendation or complaints relating to privacy and the protection of personal data or for the exercising of your rights, you can contact our Data Protection Delegate directly at the e-mail address

Other contact data

For other matters not relating to this policy, all the contact information is available on our Web site,

Data security

BINTER guarantees the adopting of suitable measures to guarantee the security of the personal data and to prevent their alteration, loss, unauthorised processing or access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they opposed whether they arise from human action or from the physical or natural medium.

If third party companies that supply services have access to the personal data for the purposes of providing a given service to BINTER such as, for example, as information and not limitation, services companies in the sectors of insurance companies, call centre services, security companies and logistics companies, BINTER guarantees that in the services provision contracts signed with these companies, the security measures that these third-party companies are obliged to adopt because of the nature of the data to which they have access are stipulated in accordance with the current data protection regulations.

Changes in the privacy policy

We may occasionally modify or adapt this privacy and data protection policy. The conditions current at any time can be found on this page. We recommend that you visit it periodically or when you are about to contract a service or interact with us.

Processing associated with the use of defibrillators in aircraft and data notification to the Canary Isles Health Service.

Processing Controller: Canary Isles Health Service

Likewise, Binter will assume joint control over the personal data, to the extent that it is obliged to record and conserve inflight incidents.

Purpose: To record the use of onboard defibrillators, in the event of emergencies requiring their usage. The details of the incident and the data collected of the person(s) affected and of the those involved therein are gathered on a form that is sent to the Canary Isles Health Service, in compliance with legal requirements.

Lawfulness: Legal obligation, art. 6.1.c, GDPR, under the provisions set forth in DECREE DECRETO 157/2015, of 18 June, regulating the use of external semi-automatic and automatic defibrillators by first attenders in the Canary Isles Autonomous Community, and bearing in mind the characteristics of the processing, there may concur the protection of the vital interests of the data subject or another natural person art. 6.1.d, GPDR.

Conservation: If an event is recorded, the data will be sent to the Canary Isles Health Service within 24 hours of the defibrillator being used. Once such has been sent, Binter will erase any information associated with the processing.

Consignee: In fulfilment of a legal obligation, the data will be notified to the Canary Isles Health Service within 24 hours of the defibrillator being used.

International data transfers: Not anticipated.

Rights: Access, rectification, erasure and in some cases portability, objection or limitation of processing. These rights, given the situation of joint control, can be exercised indistinctly before the Canary Isles Health Service or Binter. If before the latter, you may request forms from us to exercise your rights and we will reply to your request within 30 days. You may send it to or to the following postal address: C/ Ignacio Ellacuría Beascoechea, 2 Polígono Industrial Melenara 35214 Telde - Gran Canaria (Spain).

Binter Canarias cookies policy


Online dispute resolution

In accordance with Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on resolving consumer disputes online and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC, we inform you of the existence of a European online dispute resolution platform that facilitates the out-of-court resolution of such disputes for contracts also concluded online between EU resident passengers and the air carrier in an independent, impartial, transparent, efficient and fair manner.

The platform is an interactive, multilingual website, which will provide, free of charge, a single point of access for EU-resident passengers and the airline for the out-of-court settlement of contractual disputes arising from air transport contracts concluded online.

Binter Canarias does not participate in this programme at the moment and is not subscribed to an Alternative Dispute Resolution entity for Consumer Disputes unless it is obliged to do so by the current regulations of a member state of the EU.

We also inform the customer that they can address their complaint to the company using the following form.

E-mail address:

Request for information

As regards any doubts or suggestions users may have concerning the above conditions for use, they can contact us at the following address