07 / 02 / 2005

¿Los Indianos¿ arrive in La Palma with Binter Canarias

A Binter Canarias flight from Tenerife North to the island of La Palma recently became part of the La Palma carnival. Flight NT-619 was witness to a number of passengers travelling to La Palma to take part in the festivities dressed as "Indianos", the term formerly used for Canary Islands emigrants who returned to the island after making their fortune in the Americas. These passengers were heading for one of the most important and most characteristic carnival events of the island.

As the airline of the Canary Islands had announced, all those dressed in the typical costume of returning emigrants were offered free travel from Tenerife North to La Palma airport.

Customers took up the offer with enormous enthusiasm, as can be seen in the accompanying photos.

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