27 / 03 / 2004

Binter Canarias is offering 15,000 seats at 15 euros each.

Binter Canarias began its operations between the islands on March 26th 1989. With four CN-235 planes and barely 100 employees, the company took up the challenge to work to unite our archipelago in the most efficient way possible. Today, fifteen years later, Binter has become the leading air transport company of the Canary Islands, an indisputable lead player in the task of bringing the islands together and providing Canary Islanders with greater mobility, thereby contributing to the economic and social development of the Canary Islands.
It has not been an easy path. In the last 15 years Binter Canarias has transported 23 million passengers and more than 70 million tons of goods in a total of 480 thousand flights, constantly aiming to provide our clients with the best in service.
Being able to transport this number of passengers, increase the fleet to thirteen ATR-72 planes, improve services provided to agencies, implant new sales channels such as Binter Responde and Binter Vende, and implement electronic ticketing has been made possible due to the work and the dedication of the more than 420 people who make up the staff of our company, as well as all those in the travel agencies who work with us on a daily basis. Above all, it has been made possible by our customers. Between all of us we have made it possible to reach such figures, with levels of quality in terms of punctuality and regularity which place us among the best European companies in this sector.

Our challenge is to improve on what we have achieved up to now; to increase our efficiency, and to offer our passengers a quality service that is comfortable and flexible. In line with this, our next goals will be to implant sales through Internet and set up self check-in at airports.
Binter Canarias wants to celebrate this 15th anniversary with its customers, which is why, from April 15th to June 15th, we will have 15, 000 seats on sale to any island in the archipelago for 15 euros each.
On March 26th, all those who flew with us received a gift of a baby banana tree, through which we wish to symbolise our desire to continue to grow together.

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