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Summer BinterMás

Enjoy your card

This summer don't forget your BinterMás Card.


Earn points during your vacation in the hotels and accommodations of the associated companies, when renting your vehicle, when refueling at the service statios partnered to the pprogram and much more...

This summer while combining different associted companies you can add up extra points: 


3 associted companies                 300 extra points

4 associted companies                 400 extra points

5 associted companies                 500 extra points

6 associted companies                 1.500 extra points

7 associted companies or more    3.000 extra points



You can add extra points in the months of july and august. The extra points will be based on the number of associated companies combined and will be recorded in the owner's account during the month of september. 

Tlf: 902 391 392


If you want us to confirm the reservation paid for with points, call 902 391 392

Remember: Using you BinterMás points will not affect your card level.

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