29 / 12 / 2004

Binter Canarias offers 30,000 MINI-FARES for january

The airline Binter Canarias is offering 30,000 minifares in January for flights between all the islands of the Canary Islands Archipelago, with a discount of 30% on normal fares.

These tickets are subject to the following conditions: they must be booked and issued at the same time; they can only be sold and issued within the Canary Islands; they are not refundable and changes are not permitted.

This special offer is another of the many offers made by the airline of the Canary Islands in the last year, such as the fare for the airline¿s 15th Anniversary, the special offer for Canary Islands Day, the offer for the bank holiday in October (La Virgen del Pilar) and the most recent offer of 30,000 mini-fares in December 2004

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