21 / 01 / 2005

Binter Canarias presents its new cabin crew uniform

The airline Binter Canarias presented its new Passenger Cabin Crew uniform today at 11.30 am. The presentation took place at the Los Rodeos Airport in Tenerife, and was attended by a number of personalities including Andreas Blass, General Manager of Binter Canarias, Lázaro Trilleros, Manager of the Los Rodeos Airport, and María González, the designer of the new uniform.

From today until 28 January the cabin crew will inform passengers about the new uniform, transmitting the expression of a new style in Binter, a company committed to quality in customer service. This new style shows the spirit of a modern, efficient and dynamic company.

Andreas Blass, who presented the uniform this morning during one of the flights between Gran Canaria and Tenerife, considers that the new cabin crew uniform is part of a new phase in which the company will continue to strive to be the leaders in transport in the Canary Islands.

He also mentioned the considerable market growth the airline is experiencing as a result of the special offers made throughout 2004, which were a great success with customers. In addition, he stated that the airline was expecting the arrival of new planes to update its fleet, and that there would soon be new flights to El Aaiún, in Morocco, outside of the European routes. It is expected that these will be daily flights.

The designer María González, for her part, is very proud of the hard work she has done. She stated that she based the creation of the uniform on an old cartographic map as a way to show the union of the islands and highlight the primary objective of Binter Canarias: to provide an appropriate service for our islands and to continue to strengthen connections between them.

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