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Binter offers the most numerous, youngest and most ecological fleet in the Canary Islands, constantly maintaining the process of renovation to offer its customers the best service and to apply green, less polluting, technology. The latest order for aircraft was made in 2015 with the reservation of 12 ATR72-600s, to be added to the fleet between September 2015 and 2018.

2002 was a landmark in the history of Binter when the company – until then owned by Iberia – was acquired by a group of Canary Islands investors. Its international expansion started three years later. The beginnings were not easy but the airline made every effort to improve connectivity between the Canary Islands and the exterior to offer customers schedules linking the islands to Africa and Europe. Binter grew in the potential of the Archipelago with the triple continent platform for which air connectivity is essential. Starting from this base, Binter is making great efforts to contribute to the good positioning of the islands from the logistics point of view. Today, Canary Islanders can reach 12 international destinations directly thanks to the Canary Islands airline – Marrakesh, El Aaiún (Laayoune), Agadir, Casablanca, Banjul, Dakar, Nouakchott, Praia, Sal, Lisbon, Madeira and Dahkla. Binter has also signed code sharing agreements with Air Europa and SATA that provide Canary Islanders with access to destinations in mainland Spain and in the Atlantic.

We also connect the seven islands with airports in the Cabo Verde Archipelago - Sal, Santiago, San Vicente, Boavista, Fogo, San Nicolás and Maio and we also connect Porto Santo with Madeira.

In 2018 Binter took a new step forward in its business model by starting scheduled flights to two national destinations, Mallorca and Vigo.

The airline has achieved one of the largest fleets of ATR aircraft in Europe, unique in the Canary Islands, as well as incorporating three Bombardier CRJ1000s to cover some of its international routes.

Binter looks to the future with force and illusion to provide the best service. The commitment and eagerness to excel of the persons in the Binter System has made it the first airline in the online accreditation of residence before others, improving the check-in service and other new facilities for customers such as a cell phone application with which clients can access the entire range of services online more quickly and simply.

We carry 3.5 million passengers a year with 180 daily flights to eight inter-island destinations, two national destinations and 12 international destinations.

Thanks to our customers’ confidence and to the efforts of all of our employees, Binter is a key piece in the Canary Islands transport system. From dawn to dusk, an average of 10 aircraft take off every hour.

Passengers since 2002

Corporate image

In the development of Binter, there is a commitment with the Canary Islands to connect the islands now and to go further in the future. A future in which innovation and development are two permanent priorities for offering the best service after almost three decades following its first flight in the Archipelago.

In this constant wish to strengthen its identity, Binter progresses in accordance with the new times. For this reason, the corporate image was the subject of renewal in 2014, six years after its last update. The name was simplified, the graphics developed and the combination of all the identifying elements have not lost the company's essence but have reinforced its origin.

The green and blue tones – the colours of nature – were retained. The mountains and ocean, recognised by passengers and associated with a design in which curved lines take the leading role, predisposing the enjoyment of peaceful and serene flights. Uniform aesthetics unified in all the airline’s internal and external media provide customers with all the information on its offer of products and services represented through its brand.