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Information on Vigo

This is the largest city in Galicia and is famed world-wide for its fresh fish and seafood – it is the world’s second port for seafood exports.

One of the great treasures of Vigo lies outside the estuary, the Cíes Islands. These were declared a National Park in 1980 and containing one of the most famous beaches, the Rodas beach. The Vigo estuary is known not only for the fish and seafood inhabiting it but also for the dozens of galleons carrying gold from the Americas that sank there centuries ago.

Vigo contains the only 12th century cathedral left standing today, the Cathedral of San Salvador. Another of the obligatory visits for any tourist is to the Ostras de A Pedra, also known as the street of oysters. This is considered the largest market for seafood and fish in Spain, where oysters and fresh seafood from the Vigo estuary can be enjoyed.

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