Residents in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands

To be able to benefit from the discounts for residents and/or large families, passengers must accredit their condition as per Royal Decree (CE) 1316/2001, modified by Royal Decree 1340/2007, 11 October.


The resident's discount is applied to those who accredit residence in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla and for travel between the place of residency and any point in Spain. The discount is 75% for inter-island Canary Islands flights and national flights (within Spain).

In purchases made via the Web site, in travel agencies or through our Telephone Customer Service, residency will be checked remotely.
For residency to be verified correctly, passengers must enter their data as shown in their identity card. The result of the verification will be shown in the reservation and in the confirmation of purchase.
If the residency has been verified correctly, the passenger may travel without the need to present any certificate, otherwise the residency condition must be accredited as explained below.

Accreditation and check

To accredit residency, passengers must present the following.

Accreditation of residency for Spanish and EU/Schengen citizens

  • - Current census registration issued by the local council* (always accompanied by an identity document or passport).
  • - Members of Parliament and Senators in the relevant constituencies may present their current credentials.
  • - Citizens under 14 years old and have no identity card need present only the current census registration certificate from the local council.

Accreditation of residency for citizens from other countries who benefit from the right of residency or right of permanent residency and long-term residents with nationality from other countries.

  • - Census registration certificate from the local council* accompanied by the residence card of a relative who is a citizen of the European Union or the long-term residency card (if this does not include a photograph, a document accrediting identity must also be presented). All the documents must be current.

*According to the model in Annex I of Royal Decree 1316/2001 (travel certificate) and as per Law 2/2012, 29 June.

If the passenger's residency could not be checked remotely beforehand, it will be checked at the time of check-in with the passenger's personal documentation (national identity card, passport, foreigner's identity card or foreigners identity card with permission for asylum or subsidiary protection) together with the census registration certificate.

If the passenger checks in online, his/her condition as resident will be checked at the boarding gate.

The census registration certificate may be presented on paper or on digital medium of the original – a photograph of it will not be valid.

Passengers travelling with a subsidised air ticket who cannot demonstrate their identity and residency or whose data do not match with the ticket holder will be refused boarding and will not be able to make the relevant journey.

Large family

Passengers who have purchased a ticket with a large family subsidy must credit the condition at the check-in counter and on boarding by presenting the large family documentation:

  • - Title of large family or equivalent current individual document. It must show the number of the title and the category.

Remember that the additional documentation necessary for travelling must also be provided.

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