Mobile App

With our mobile applications for iOS and Android you can access all our offers of online services much more quickly and simply through your mobile phone or tablet. Moreover, accessing as a registered user will enable you to enjoy a much richer and personalised navigation experience without having to identify yourself each time you enter the application, to have information available on the changes to your flights in real time and the possibility to store your boarding passes and other travel documents in the application itself.

Services available:

  • - Reserve and buy flight tickets much more quickly and simply as we will automatically load the necessary data of the passengers based on the information stored in their client profiles.

  • - Manage your reservations and change the timetables of your flights on condition that your rate allows this. Remember that you can make these changes regardless of the channel through which you made the purchase, including travel agencies, and you can also make changes for other passengers on condition that you know their booking references and surnames.

  • - Carry out check-ins of inter-insular flights which are scheduled for the following 1 days. The boarding passes will be stored automatically in the application so that you always have them available through its lateral menu, from where you can also incorporate them to the Wallet (formerly Passbook) application in the event that you have an iPhone or an Android device with a compatible application (PassWallet or Pass2U). As in the above case, you can also carry out the check-in for other passengers on condition that you know their booking references and surnames.

  • - Check the state of our flights and receive the changes of state of any flight you may have subscribed to through the application. In the case of your own flights, you do not have to do anything as the application itself will promptly inform you of any change which may occur in the state of these flights (opening of boarding procedure, change of boarding gate, delays, etc.).

  • - Obtain information on the state of your BinterMás account (points accrued, points expiring, movements) as well as requesting the registration of points not noted or the updating of your contact data.

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