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Binter Canarias offers 30,000 MINI-FARES for December

26 de noviembre de 2004

The airline Binter Canarias is offering 30,000 mini-fares in December for flights between all the islands of the Canary Islands Archipelago, with a discount of 30% on normal fares.
In the first week of December over 4,600 seats will be put on sale, with 6,600 on sale in the second week of the month.
In the third week over 8,300 mini-fare seats will be put on sale, with the figure being increased to over 9,500 seats in the fourth and fifth weeks of December.
The conditions for the mini-fare seats are as follows: tickets will be booked and issued at the same time and the sale may only be made within the Canary Islands. In addition, tickets will not be refundable and changes to bookings will not be permitted.
This special offer is another of the many offers made throughout 2004 by the airline of the Canary Islands, such as the fare for the airline¿s 15th Anniversary, the special offer for Canary Islands Day and the most recent offer made for the bank holiday in October (La Virgen del Pilar). Binter is also continuing with the Recordtazo fare between the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria.