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Illustration d'un avion ATR

ATR 72

L'avion régional

Ilustración de un avión EMBRAER


L'avion le plus grand et le plus moderne

La flotte actuelle de notre compagnie est composée de 24 ATR 72 et 5 Embraer 195-E2.

The ATR 72 turboprop equipped aircraft is regarded as the go-to model for short-haul flights due to its short take-off and landing capabilities. With improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, the ATR 72 stands out as a low-polluting eco-friendly airplane. The brand new ATR 72 600 model uses the latest assisted-navigation technology and offers the highest standards of comfort. It features five cockpit LCD digital displays for better control and in-flight safety, slimmer seat design to maximise passenger space and larger baggage compartments.

Binter has acquired five new E195-E2 aircraft from the manufacturer Embraer, thus becoming the first European company to operate this model. It is the largest and most modern aircraft in the E-Jet E2 family of twin-engine medium-range commercial jets, and its interior is a benchmark in the aeronautical industry thanks to its 2+2 seating configuration and its overhead compartment, which doubles the capacity of regional jets. The E-Jets E2 are the quietest, cleanest and most efficient single-aisle jets in the world and the Canary Islands company has ordered them with a special configuration of 132 seats in a single class with a comfortable space of 79 cm between them.

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