Binter System Companies

Flying over the Canary Islands since 1989, Binter has gone from being an airline subsidiary to a group of 14 companies. Our goal is to offer a complete service to our customers and provide the highest possible quality in each specific branch of the air transport sector. The following companies comprise the Binter System.

Created in 2004, Binter Vende is Binter’s direct sales channel and one of the pillars of its rapid expansion.

Atlántica Handling began operations on 1 October 2005, and was created with the aim of improving the ground handling services provided by Binter to its customers in all the airports of the Canary Islands. Atlántica Handling is the Binter System company with the largest number of employees: around 400.

Has been the Binter aircraft maintenance division since 2008. It is also the repairs workshop for other airlines: Spanish (Iberia and Air Nostrum); European (TUI, Danube Wings and Swiftair); South American (BQB Uruguay and DAE Netherlands Antilles); African (TACV Cape Verde); and Asian (KBZ Myanmar). BT is considered a global benchmark for service excellence for ATR aircraft. This has resulted in it being shortlisted as an official MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) service facility for ATR.

Company created in June 2009 as a Sales Agent for cargo transport in the holds of our aircraft. Currently it ships approximately 2,000,000 kg of inter-island goods and has become the leading air cargo operator in the Canaries.

Atlantis Cargo’s goal is to link up the Canary Islands and to link the islands with national and international air transport networks, thus helping consolidate them as an intercontinental air cargo hub and logistics platform for nearby Africa.

These are the two companies that provide global services to the all the other companies that make up the System. They deal with general coordination and revenue management. They also coordinate billing services, inspections and audits.

Information Technology and Communications (ICT) and Information Systems (IS) service company, created to provide services to all companies related to Binter.

Atlantis Tecnología y Sistemas, S.L. is a young company, created in 2013 under the umbrella of BinterSistemas. Its vocation is to be a national and international benchmark in the information technology and communications sector.

Services provided by Atlantis to its customers include consultancy services – planning for new technology projects or addressing weaknesses – training in computing and communications, installing and maintaining technological solutions and software development.

Servicios Aerotécnicos Insulares S.L. (SATI) began operations in 2009. It has been an Approved Aviation Parts Maintenance Centre (EASA-ES-145-216) since 2010, and has a young team of more than 40 technicians who work on the maintenance of aircraft interiors and electrical and hydraulic components in both airports and their facilities.

Atlantic Aviation Services SLU is a young company that began operating in 2013, and is dedicated to aviation logistics services. Currently it has more than 30 employees, mostly professionals with extensive experience in the sector. Atavis activities include the purchase, storage and distribution of aviation products, parts and equipment. It also offers different aeronautical equipment management services, including rotable repair management.

In its ongoing commitment to offering quality services and products, and to maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, Atavis achieved certification in the EN 9120 and ISO 9001 quality standards in June 2014.

Founded in 1989; operates all routes since its inception.

In September 2011 Canair was created with the mission to be an efficient and flexible carrier with high productivity and streamlined costs, to offer competitive prices with the same quality of service. Its core business is run as a Binter franchise.

The latest carrier to join the Binter System. Created with the aim of connecting up the islands of Cape Verde, applying the same inter-island transport model that we developed in the Canary Islands, offering the same quality standards. The new airline began operations in the Cape Verde Islands in the last quarter of 2015 with a staff made up mostly of local professionals.

Training Center created to respond to the needs of training adjusted to the demand of the aeronautical sector, for which it develops training programs to obtain an adequate curriculum for each student and company.

Certified as an EASA Training Center (European Aviation Safety Agency) (OFM ES.147.0022) by AESA (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea - ESP), as a Private Training Center for Higher Degree in Aeromechanics and Avionics (35014718) by the Consejería de Educación del Gobierno de Canrias (Canary Island) for the training of Turbine Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, as well as for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (CAT 1 to 12) (9284 / AN905) by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

A Binter System company engaged in the design and manufacture of aeronautical pieces for its own use and for sale to third parties, specialised in the production of small components with a unique offer in Spain. It has EASA.21J.457 certifications for the design of aeronautical components and minor modifications to aircraft, and ES.21G.003 certifications for the manufacture of aeronautical components.