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More than thirty years dreaming of a better world

In accordance with what is established in its Corporate Responsibility Policy, Binter manages its daily activity taking into account its social and environmental impacts, as well as transparency, ethical conduct, accountability and dialogue with all its stakeholders. Likewise, the company maintains a firm commitment to the society of the Canary Islands, which is present in its activity from beginning to end, with the aim of offering an air transport service of the highest quality.

It also plays an important role in boosting the economy of the Canary Islands, bringing the islands closer together and being an important agent in the development of tourism on the islands. The company is also in constant contact with the government authorities of each territory in which it operates in order to resolve their connectivity requests and, specifically, in relation to the OSP (Public Service Obligations) routes.

To this end, we work every day on these five lines of action

Group of friends

Committed to our daily work with the archipelago

Every day we work with the utmost care and dedication in each of the actions we carry out at Binter Social. In this way we try to do our bit to contribute to social, economic and environmental improvement on our islands and throughout the world.

Fly without fear, an experience within everyone's reach

Flying should always be a positive experience, but sometimes we can find ourselves facing situations of fear or stress that prevent us from enjoying a calm and pleasant flight. In our "Fly without fear" course we will give you the necessary tools and teach you how to use them to deal with them..

With the help of a team of professionals in psychology and aeronautics you will learn to fly without fear and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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