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Binter Social´s commitment to education

Helping to make access to education possible for all social strata is one of Binter´s priorities as a Canary Islands company. Giving the necessary tools to the new generations so that they can imagine and design their next destination is a commitment of all and for all.

For this reason, education as a pillar of our society is an indisputable fact with which Binter wants to be firmly aligned. To achieve this, we have been working for some time with projects that not only pursue this objective but also seek to spread this knowledge among the population of the Canary Islands in general.

Because learning and incorporating knowledge into our lives is something that should not be at odds with our daily lives. That is why we want these values and knowledge to be present in all aspects of our daily lives, resulting in a new generation of citizens committed to this friendly and approachable way of understanding the world.

Students in class

Educational projects