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Radio ECCA

Radio ECCA and Binter collaborate for education in the Canary Islands and Africa

Radio ECCA is one of the educational institutions with the greatest social impact on the islands. An educational, communicative and social action platform that was born in the Canary Islands more than forty years ago and that is still active today with the inclusion of new technologies.

The ECCA System is its own teaching system in which the educational material, the audio class and the tutorial action are synchronised. Throughout its history, more than two million people have enrolled for some of its training activities in various communities in Spain. Similarly, through institutional alliances, Radio ECCA is active in Latin America and West Africa.

Binter wanted to form part of these alliances by collaborating with the institution in the transfer of educational material from the Canary Islands to various African countries.

Plan of pupils in the middle of a class
A Radio ECCA teacher giving classes
Students attending a conference organised by ECCA
Students in a classroom during an exam