Checked luggage

The transport of baggage not included in the allowance will depend on the availability of space in the aircraft hold.

You can see the conditions by specific route or tariff calling our Telephone Service at +34 928 327 700, in a travel agency or in our airport sales offices.

Inter-island flights
Baggage allowance1 Excess baggage2
Inter-island flights Canary Islands Included in fare
20 kg
Price per additional kg. as per route
Inter-island flights
Madeira – Porto Santo
Included in fare
23 kg

1Additional allowance for BinterMás Oro, Plata and Tarifa FlexiMás: up to 10 kg

2Consult baggage limitations on your point of sale.

*Maximum weight of chargeable packages: 32 kg/package. Maximum size depending on the type of package.

National and international (not inter-island) flights
Baggage allowance1 Additional baggage2
Basic3 €25 (pre-payment >3 hours flight departure)
€40 (at Check-in <3 hours flight departure)
Not available
Plus Included in fare
1 item for all routes
Europe and Morocco: €60
Rest of routes: €150
Flexiplus Included in fare
1 item for Europe and Morocco
2 items for rest of routes

1Maximum package 23 kg/package and total measurements of 158 cm (height + depth + width). Additional allowance for BinterMás Oro and Plata up to 9 kg.

2Maximum package 23 kg/package and total measurements of 158 cm (height + depth + width).

3Eligible amount ( discount for residents and large families applies ).

* Excess weight per package (between 24 and 32 kg):

- National, Europe and Morocco: €40
- Rest of routes: €60


Checked baggage must not include dangerous articles and should not include fragile, perishable or valuable items (cash, jewels, computers, electronic devices, business or important documents, shares, passports or identification documents, etc). The company cannot accept responsibility for these and recommends that they be carried in hand baggage if possible.Undeclared baggage contents is the passenger’s responsibility.

The following articles are considered forbidden checked baggage:

  • x Matches and lighters, since they could be activated by friction.
  • x Fireworks, which could detonate due to their nature.
  • x Inflammable liquids, fuels, paints, solvents, glues, charges for lighters and small gas cylinders for camping as well as substances that could leak and cause a fire.
  • x Domestic articles such as bleach and abrasives that contain properties or chemical substances that could give off toxic emissions or corrosion.
  • x Electronic equipment that could upset the aircraft’s systems and affect flight safety. Electronic cigarettes cannot be included in checked baggage and must be carried in hand baggage or with the passenger.
  • x It is forbidden to carry recreational devices such as hover-boards, air wheels and mini Segways in checked baggage or hand baggage. These devices are not considered mobility aids but Portable Electronic Devices (PED) and may be carried only as cargo.

Remember to check the list of forbidden articles here. There are certain limitations on devices with lithium batteries; these can be found in Lithium batteries limitations.

The carrying of drones is conditional to compliance with the general imitations for carrying batteries and the filling in of a specific liability waiver at check-in, so that it is necessary to arrive at least one hour before the flight’s departure for inter-island flights and an hour and a half for other flights.

If you are carrying firearms, you must go to the Firearms Section in the origin airport to obtain the necessary authorisation. Firearms must be packed in a suitable case and will be handed back in the Firearms Section in the destination airport.

The baggage must be properly packaged without its form or volume being likely to damage other luggage or the aircraft's structure.

Specific information on sports equipment and electronic equipment can be found here.

Limited products on flights from third countries

In application of Commission Regulation (CE) 206/2009, 5 March 2009, relating to the introduction into the Community of personal objects of products of animal origin and as modified by Regulation (CE) 136/2004 and Regulation (CE) 745/2004, you are informed that:

It is forbidden to bring in meat and milk products in the personal luggage of passengers from third countries and other products of animal origin are restricted.

The failure to declare these products may be sanctioned with a fine or give rise to criminal proceedings.

The following are allowed in the luggage of a passenger on BinterCanarias flights coming from an airport outside the European Union:

Powdered milk for babies, baby food and special foods for humans and pets that are necessary for medical reasons as long as their combined weight does not exceed 2 kg per person and they need not be refrigerated for consumption, are packaged commercial brand products and the package is intact, unless they are being used.

Due to a health warning regarding foot-and-mouth disease, it is prohibited to transport foodstuffs of animal origin from Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

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