Incidents with luggage

If your luggage has been damaged or has not arrived when expected, we would like to apologise to you. We try to ensure that this happens as little as possible but it is not always within our hands.

If this happens, the following tells you what to do in incidents with checked luggage.

Damage to luggage

Remember that luggage may suffer normal and inevitable wear through use in the check-in and transfer processes so that Binter is not always responsible for its functional wear. Some manufacturers provide instructions for specific use and optimal duration cycles for components (such as wheels and handles).

If your luggage arrives damaged at the destination, you must inform the company before leaving the airport luggage area at the company's counter or that of the handling agent and our personnel will open the Irregularity Docket (PIR).

Once the PIR is registered and contacted with our Customer Service Centre, the incident will be assessed and resolved through any of the following options in this order and as per Article 22 of the Montreal Convention and Regulations Annex CE 2027/1997 and 889/2002:

  • - Repair of the damaged piece.

  • - Replacement with another similar one.

  • - Payment of compensation (up to 1,131 Special Rights to Giro* – DEG - per passenger).

The passenger must notify the airline of the incident in writing as soon as possible. All claims relating to damaged luggage must be made, delivered or handled within seven days.

Delayed luggage

If your luggage has not arrived, go immediately to the airline's counter or that of the handling agents (before leaving the arrivals and luggage area) to report it to the employees, making a written claim (PIR: Luggage Irregularity Docket) to start the relevant procedures as soon as possible. Remember to keep the PIR reference code.

Passengers who are not resident in the place of the incident will be given an overnight kit on request if they have to spend the night without their luggage.

We recommend that you keep the bills for the expenses arising from the incident relating to the lack of basic products (valued at up to 1,131 Special Rights to Giro per passenger – DEG*).

Passengers must report the incident in writing to the airline as soon as possible. In the case of delayed luggage, all claims must be delivered or handled within 21 days.

Lost luggage

If your luggage has not been delivered within the 21 days following the date on which it should have arrived, current legislation sets a compensation, which will be deducted from any compensation already made for delay.

According to article 22 of the Montreal Convention and regulations annex CE 2027/1997 and 889/2002, this will be:

  • - Luggage without prior value declaration: up to 1,131 Special Rights to Giro per passenger (*DEG).

  • - With prior value declaration: the declared amount with premium paid.

If on receiving your luggage do not report any incident, it is assumed that it has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the transport document, unless proved otherwise. If six months after the date on which the damage occurred, no claim has been presented, you will lose your rights. All claims to a court must be presented within two years from the arrival of the aircraft or the date on which it should have arrived (article 31 of the Montreal Convention and regulations annex CE 2027/1997 and 889/2002).

For matters relating to your luggage and to find out more about your rights in this respect, please contact:

Luggage Telephone Assistance Centre
Telephone: 900 105 190 - + 34 928 327 749

In the event of an incident, we recommend that you keep all the documents relating to your journey, luggage and related expenses.

*DEG: The value of the Special Rights to Giro, as defined by the International Monetary Fund, varies daily so that the equivalent current on the date of the incident will be applied. For further information, see the Bank of Spain Web site ( Consult the value of the Special Rights to Giro:

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