Carry-on luggage

· On connecting flights combining both types of fleet, the Embraer fleet allowance will be accepted at no additional cost. In this case, if the hand luggage does not fit in the ATR fleet, it must be delivered and collected by the passenger at the aircraft.

· If there is insufficient space on board, some hand luggage may be removed for loading in the aircraft hold free of charge.

*Consult details of allowed content.
Weight and measurements

A cabin bag not exceeding the set weight and dimensions and a few small and light personal items may be carried as hand luggage.

If the luggage exceeds the maximum measurements or weight, it must be checked in and carried in the hold with any additional charges, if relevant.

On international flights, hand luggage must be identified as such at the check-in counter.

For safety, hand luggage must be placed under the seat or in the overhead bin provided for it. If this is not possible, it will be placed in the hold.


Personal items that can be carried as hand luggage include a small briefcase or handbag, wallet, purse, small camera, cell phone or smartphone, in-flight reading, laptop or portable device, tablet, overcoat or travel blanket, baby cradle, infant’s food and bag of purchases made in the airport.

The use of electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets and music players is allowed in flight only in aircraft mode or equivalent such they cannot send or receive signals. No electronic device can be used during take-off and landing or when the crew so instructs.

Objects that could be used as offensive or defensive weapons (e.g., scissors, metal files, nail cutters, letter openers, paper knives, aerosols, etc) are not allowed in hand luggage. These must be checked in as hold luggage to comply with international regulations.

Specials objects

    - Liquids

  • For security, there are restrictions on the amount of liquid (or substances of similar consistency) that can be carried as hand luggage when passing through the security controls in the European Union.

  • Liquids must be in a small container with a maximum individual capacity of 100 ml. Passengers must pack these containers in a transparent self-sealing plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one litre (bag approximately 20 x 20 cm). Passengers must provide themselves with these bags before travelling.

  • For the purposes of the new measures, liquids include creams, lotions and oils, including toothpaste, perfumes, gels (shower, shampoo, etc), contents of pressurised containers including shaving cream, other foams and deodorants, aerosols and any other of similar consistency.

  • These security measures apply to all passengers departing from airports in the EU regardless of their destination. This does not limit the purchase of liquids in airport shops in the boarding area after the security controls or on board aircraft.

    - Medicines

  • Medicines for use during the journey (the outbound flight, the stay and the return flight) can be carried in hand luggage but must be presented separately in the security controls.

    - Pram or pushchair and baby food

  • A pram or pushchair and parts may be taken but must always go in the aircraft’s hold. It can be checked in on the special belt or be carried to the aircraft where the personnel will place it in the hold. Baby food use during the journey (the outbound flight, the stay and the return flight) can also be carried in hand luggage but must be presented separately in the security controls.

    - Walking sticks

  • These may be carried as hand luggage unless they have a metal tip. Even so, it must be remembered that they must pass the airport security checks, unconnected with the airline, so their personnel should also be consulted.

    - Recreational devices

  • Recreational devices such as hover-boards, air wheels, mini Segways, etc, cannot be carried either as hand luggage or checked luggage.

For further information, see the following downloadable documents.

Articles forbidden in hand luggage considered dangerous goods (PDF)

Dangerous goods regulations (PDF)

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