Minors travelling with Binter may do so with or without an escort, depending on their age.

Age Tariff Obligatory escort Escort
0 - 2 years Infant Yes - Passenger over 16 years old.
3 - 11 years Child Yes - Passenger over 16 years old
- Unaccompanied minors service (for children over 5 years).
12 - 17 years Adult No - Passenger over 16 years old.
- Unaccompanied minors service.

Each adult passenger may travel with a maximum of two infants (less than 24 months) as long as one of them is over 18 months old and occupies a seat with an approved chair/adaptor. In this case, the child over 18 months old must have a Child’s ticket and the younger one, an Infant’s ticket.

Recently-born infants may travel after 48 hours of life but it is recommended that they be a week old before travelling.

Minors’ documentation

Minors under 14 years old travelling within Spain are not obliged to travel with an identity card or passport as long as they travel accompanied. They will be the responsibility of the person accompanying them.

For residents, large families, etc, the relevant accrediting documentation must also be presented.

Minors under 12 years old travelling with the escort service will also need the relevant special documentation.

From 1 September 2019, Spanish minors unaccompanied by their parents or guardians on non-national journeys will require a travel permit signed in police or Guardia Civil stations, law courts, Notaries Public or local councils.

More information regarding the authorization for travel of minors abroad in:



Departure of minors to other countries

A current passport and the relevant visa will be requested for extra-community flights. Furthermore, you must comply with the requirements of the country of destination.

For minors with connecting flights, the handling agent in the origin airport will inform on the possibility that at the frontier in the next stage the minor will be refused departure from the country if the necessary documentation is not presented. If this occurs, the company will be free of liability and the passenger will have to return to origin by his/her own means.

Unaccompanied minors service

Binter provides an escort service for minors travelling alone. This is service is for minors over five years old.

  • - Minors under 5 years: must travel accompanied by another passenger over 16 years old.
  • - Between 5 and 11 years: the escort service is obligatory in these cases.
  • - Between 12 and 17 years: the escort service is optional.

The minors escort service is not provided for flights connecting with other air carriers or other Binter flights in which the journey requires an overnight stop in an intermediate stage.

The unaccompanied minors service on international flights is available for minors with European passports.


Canary Islands inter-island flights: passengers between 5 and 11 years old must acquire a specific “Unaccompanied Minors” tariff, the amount of which will vary according to the journey.

Madeira – Porto Santo inter-island flights:passengers between 5 and 17 years old must acquire a generic tariff and request the service separately, the cost of which is €18 per journey.

Rest of flights: passengers between 5 and 17 years old must purchase a ticket with a generic tariff and request the escort service separately, the cost of which is €50 per journey.

It is recommended that the escort service be requested when making the reservation so that the company can guarantee it, by calling our telephone service (902 391 392 – +34 928 327 700), in a travel agency or in our airport sales offices.

Step by step

  • - At reservation
    • Remember that the service must be requested by making the reservation so it can be confirmed by Binter.
  • - Before and during the flight
    • The minor and the adult accompanying him/her in the departure airport must arrive at the airport sufficiently beforehand to present the required documentation at the check-in counter, which must consist of:
      • Ticket with confirmed reservation for the entire journey.
      • Liability waiver duly filled in with the data of the person delivering the minor as well as those of the person who will meet the minor on arrival. This document will be sent by e-mail to the passenger once the reservation is confirmed or can be requested for filling in at the check-in counter.
      • Passport and visas visados ,if necessary.
      • If the person delivering or meeting the minor is not the father/mother/guardian: he/they must provide identification and present an authorisation prepared and signed by the father/mother/guardian that authorises the handover and collection of the minor to the persons who will do so together with a photocopy of the identity card of the person signing it.
      • We also recommend carrying the family book.
      • Additional documentation required (e.g., resident's certificate, large family carnet, etc).
    • In addition, the person responsible for the minor cannot leave the departure airport until the aircraft has taken off.

    • The handling personnel will take charge of the minor from the time that flight boarding starts, will accompany the minor to the aircraft and will hand over the minor to the cabin crew. Once there, the crew will settle the minor on board in the assigned seat to have him/her under their custody and care.
  • - On arrival
    • The handling personnel will receive the minor on arrival, handing him/her over in the airport passenger terminal to the authorised person(s) shown on the liability waiver. This authorised person must accredit his/her identity with an identity card/passport and must sign the liability waiver.