Special luggage
Sports equipment

Sports equipment refers to the equipment used for practicing sports such as diving, surfing, boogie, windsurfing or kitesurfing equipment, paragliding, golf, cycling, skiing, etc.

All sports equipment must be properly positioned and secured so as to prevent discomfort or damage during loading, transport and disembarking.

Due to the nature of this equipment, the passenger must arrive at the airport sufficiently in advance to allow the equipment to be checked in, carried to the aircraft and loaded into the hold.

Recreational devices such as hover boards, air wheels, mini Segways, etc, are not allowed to be carried as hand or checked baggage.

The carriage of sports equipment is subject to availability of space in the aircraft hold. For this reason, passengers must reserve their space 48 hours in advance through our sales offices at the airports, their travel agency or our Call Centre (928 327 700) to be accepted on the flight.

Vuelos Interinsulares

Sports equipment is included in the free baggage allowance. If the maximum free baggage allowance is exceeded, an excess baggage charge is payable.

Passengers with sports equipment have an additional 5 kg courtesy allowance above the fare they have purchased for inter-island flights.

National and international (not inter-island) flights

Sports equipment is not included in the free baggage allowance (except for golf equipment (1) in Plus and Flexiplus fares). To be accepted on the flight, the passenger must make a reservation in advance at the point of sale where the ticket was purchased.

Sports equipment prices for national (not inter-island) and international flights:

(65 x 158 x 75 cm - up to 23 kg)
(40 x 137 x 94 cm – up to 23 kg)
(60 x 160 x 30 cm – up to 23 kg)
(60 x 250 x 30 cm – up to 32 kg)
(50x60x80cm – up to 23kg)

(1) The Plus and Flexiplus family tariffs allow one item of golf equipment to be included in the allowance. (65 x 158 x 75 cm - up to 23 kg).
(2) Windsurf equipment is accepted only in the Embraer fleet.
* Sports equipment weighing more than 23 kg or measuring more than 160 cm in any measurement have a cost of €75.

Up to 23 kg or at most 160 cm in any measurement Greater than 160 cm in any measurement or weighing more than 23 kg and up to 32 kg
€50 €75

Specific transport conditions

Equipment for surfing, wind surfing and other sports with sail/mast/board

Taking into account its properties, which normally prevent it from being transported on the baggage belts, it is left to the discretion of the company's personnel to use a system that facilitates the transport of this baggage from the check-in area to the aircraft. Any expenses that may arise in this respect must be paid by the passenger.

Diving equipment

The carriage of oxygen cylinders, even if depressurised, is forbidden. If torches are included, they must be separated from their power source.

Golf equipment

Includes up to 14 golf clubs, 12 balls and a pair of shoes securely fastened inside the bag so that they do not cause a nuisance or damage.


They must be checked in packed, with the wheels secured and partially deflated. When booking, the type of packaging and its dimensions must be indicated.


They must be unloaded and well packed, as should ammunition. The latter should always be packed separately to the firearm and in an ammunition case or suitable carrier. They are only accepted as checked baggage.*

*Maximum 5 kg per passenger and subject to availability. Prior authorization is required from the operator, therefore it should be requested with sufficient notice.

As regards compressed air pistols, authorization should be requested in the booking, indicating whether they carry ammunition and if so, which type.

For firearms of any kind to be accepted as checked in baggage, mandatory authorization is required from the Airport Firearms Inspectorate. Bladed weapons and category 7.5 firearms (bows; firearms for firing fishing lines; spearfishing rifles that fire arrows or harpoons, suitable for fishing and other sports) are excluded from this requirement. Remember that you will need to allow sufficient time to carry out these arrangements at the airport.

The foregoing procedure is valid for domestic flights only. For flights to/from outside Spain, please consult the requirements in the departure or destination country.

Electronic equipment

The use of electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, music players, etc, is allowed during the flight, always in aircraft mode or equivalent so that they do not send or receive signals.

No electronic device may be used during take-off or landing or when the crew so indicate.

On our flights, it is not allowed to use electronic cigarettes, portable radios (both transmitters and receivers) remote control toys and apparatus with light emitting diode screens (LED), televisions and other devices that send or receive any signals. Neither is it allowed to activate Bluetooth, infrared, etc, on devices.

If any electronic equipment is carried in your checked luggage, remember that this must be disconnected.

- Recreational devices: it is forbidden to carry recreational devices such as hover-boards, air wheels, mini Segways, etc, as hand luggage or checked luggage.

Luggage of declared value

To make a declaration of special value, remember that the value of the luggage to be declared must be greater than €400 and must not exceed €2,000 per passenger. The charge for the value declaration is 15% of the value declared by the passenger for which an excess luggage ticket will be issued.

The passenger must ensure the luggage making the special value declaration in the airport sufficiently beforehand to allow for the necessary procedures to be undertaken – it is recommended that the passenger arrives three hours before the scheduled flight departure.

Once in the airport, it will be necessary to open the luggage to be declared as of special value so that the personnel can check that the objects are in the luggage and their quality. The passenger will then be asked to close the luggage with a key or suitable security device.

For acceptance, the value of the luggage to be declared must be greater than €400 and cannot exceed €2.000 per passenger. The charge for the value declaration is 15% of the value declared by the passenger for which an excess luggage ticket will be issued.

Luggage with a value declaration will not be accepted for journeys with connections with other companies unless these agree to it.

Seated luggage - Extra

Luggage can be carried in the cabin because of its value or fragility, occupying an additional seat under the passenger's care (e.g., musical instruments, works of art, jewels, etc).

The cost will be that of the tariff for a passenger travelling in the seat, applicable at the time of reserving the additional seat. The weight limit for this equipment is 75 kg per seat reserved.

A prior reservation must be made, which must be confirmed by the company, giving the nature, weight and measurements of the object.

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