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DISA, the largest operator in the Canary Islands in terms of number of stations and sale of automotive fuels, offers BinterMás cardholders its flagship stations with the Shell and DISA image to accumulate and redeem BinterMás points. You can obtain your points by presenting your card at the participating stations at the time of refuelling.

Tlf: 900 818 411


Table of obtained points

Standard fuel1 point per 2 litres of fuel
Enhanced fuel DISAmax or Shell V-Power1 point for 1 litre of fuel
Nu-b unit50 points
Nu-b Plus unit75 points

Points per refuelling or nu-b unit. Points will only be awarded on presentation of the BinterMás card at participating service stations at the time of refuelling and/or purchase. Points are limited to 1 refuelling and/or nu/b unit per cardholder per day.

The application of the points table will be applied to refuellings of more than 15 litres of fuel. Standard fuel refuellings will be rounded down.

Do you have points without scoring?

Table of points in use

Use of PointsPoints
Voucher 10 € fuel1.000
Voucher 20 € fuel2.000

Use limited to 5,000 points per cardholder per month.

Purchase of fuel vouchers on 900 818 411.

How can I exchange my points for rewards?