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Casa del Timple

A small instrument with a great history

Located in the Palacio de Spínola, in the town of Teguise, and created with the aim of disseminating, conserving and studying the traditional culture of the Canary Islands, the Casa-Museo del Timple combines museum, study centre and cultural space in the same place. With the timple, one of the most representative musical instruments of the archipelago, as the central axis, the timple musician Benito Cabrera is in charge of directing this centre with the help of the Teguise Council and the General Directorate of Cooperation and Cultural Heritage of the Canary Islands Government.

Its extensive collection of timples and instruments from other countries that give dimension to the use of these «little guitars» in many cultures around the world is the main attraction of this house museum. It also shows visitors part of the folklore of Teguise and the stages in the process of making the timple.

The Casa-Museo del Timple also organises programmed activities such as concerts, courses, talks, etc. A project in which Binter has been collaborating for some time so that it continues to be a point of dissemination of our folklore from the heart of Lanzarote.

Plan of a room full of stringed instruments in display cabinets.
Room in which some stringed instruments are displayed in showcases.
Image of an artisan workshop making timples.
Some stringed instruments in their display cases inside the museum