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AVANFUER and Binter join forces

The Asociación de Voluntarios de Ayuda a la Naturaleza de Fuerteventura (AVANFUER) has been working since 2005 on the reintroduction of sea turtles in the Canary Islands and their conservation in Cape Verde. Throughout this time, more than 300 people have taken part in the volunteer work, donating their time and experience selflessly.

At Binter we wanted to do our bit for this project with an agreement that guarantees the transport of volunteers and monitors during the campaign for sea turtles and other endangered species. With this collaboration, we at Binter are extending our commitment to the conservation of the archipelago´s wildlife as since 2011 we have been transferring turtles and injured birds to the Wildlife Recovery Centre (CRFS) of Tafira in Gran Canaria. This has helped to save a significant number of endemic species that otherwise would not have received the necessary veterinary care.

A group of people observing the reintroduction of sea turtles into the sea.
Turtle returning to the sea
A volunteer painting a turtle craft.
A volunteer carrying a bag at the beach clean-up.