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Restoring the islands´ landscape

The Foresta Foundation is a private, non-profit organisation that was created with the aim of recovering, maintaining and conserving the forests of the Canary Islands. Its work is based on reforestation, thus slowing down the serious process of desertification and erosion suffered by the islands and recovering and improving the exceptional environmental and cultural heritage of the Canary Islands.

To carry out its activities, the Foresta Foundation relies on the support of various sectors of society. Volunteering is the backbone of its socio-environmental mission. It reaches out to all social sectors through a wide range of activities.

At Binter we are proud to be part of the network of companies that support Foresta´s work through volunteer actions with the company´s employees.

A volunteer planting a tree
Volunteers reforesting a hillside
Close-up of a transplanted plant
Two volunteers collaborating in the reforestation