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Aldeas infantiles

Binter partners with the children’s charity Aldeas Infantiles, helping to improve the childhood of thousands of boys and girls

Aldeas Infantiles is one of the largest international non-profit organizations dedicated to directly helping children in need. Present in over 138 countries, in Spain it operates under the name "Aldeas Infantiles SOS España". From here it strives to improve the lives of thousands of boys and girls.

At Binter, we are a long-standing partner of this organization which is part of the International « Aldeas Infantiles SOS España » Federation founded in Austria in 1949. Our aim is to assist them and make their work easier, helping to improve the situation of children at risk beyond our borders. A project with which Binter is deeply involved and which is committed to a better future for the coming generations.

Group of children around a wooden table
Overhead shot of children doing handicrafts
Group of children painting a mural
Group of children playing with paints