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JOCAN Youth Orchestra of the Canary Islands

Binter and the JOCAN promote music made in the Canary Islands

The Youth Orchestra of the Canary Islands (JOCAN) is a project under the artistic direction of Víctor Pablo Pérez and managed by the Canary Islands Institute for Cultural Development of the Canary Islands Government. Its aim is to contribute to complementing and perfecting the orchestral training of young musicians. Something that we at Binter support every year in its various activities.

Among the JOCAN´s challenges are promoting the recovery and dissemination of new repertoires, the generation of new audiences and advising young musicians on grants, scholarships, prizes and other calls for proposals of interest.

JOCAN currently has some 100 musicians studying at a Canary Islands educational centre or completing their training in musical centres in Europe.

Overhead shot of young musicians playing at a concert
Family photo of the group of musicians with their instruments.
JOCAN concert in a square
Attendees enjoying a JOCAN concert in public