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The city that inspired great artists

One of Tangier’s outstanding features is its historical international character that gives it a special halo beyond the exoticism of other Moroccan cities. Did you know that Tangier was an international city that depended on a number of countries during the time of the French and Spanish protectorates? Apart from France and Spain, Tangier came under the suzerainty of several other countries: the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Holland. This international interest in Tangier dates back many centuries, stemming from its strategic location on the northernmost tip of Africa and as one of the gateways to the Mediterranean.

Today Tangier is the capital of the Tangier-Tetouan region and is not only a busy port city, but also a city with a truly multicultural atmosphere steeped in a rich history that is sure to surprise you. Tangier is quite a bustling city, but this unease is also part of its charm. Hence, many people describe it as a magical city that has a unique feel to it that you won't find anywhere else in Morocco.

Tangier is a destination that emanates a very specific atmosphere where the ocean meets the sea, the waters meet the mountains, the hustle and bustle of the old Medina and the new city beyond the walls of this beautiful destination. But Tangier, apart from its great historical and cosmopolitan wealth, is also a destination of landscapes and sunsets where from any riad or villa you will enjoy stunning sea views. In Tangier you'll find beaches everywhere, even under the city walls.

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